Watersports waiting for you in Brighton

Brighton Beach. Famous for its pebbles, pier and picturesque scenery. Right at the coast of  East Sussex, this seaside resort town attracts more than 8 million visitors per year for its charm. But did you know about the extensive list of water sports it has to offer?

There’s great fun on offer for all the family, with skilled instructors that can train you well into becoming nothing short of an expert on the sea.


Rekindle your childhood  dreams of effortlessly riding the tides a la Baywatch, at Brighton Watersports(The surf shop situated on Brighton Beach). Lessons, as well as equipment are all available in this little shop – all you have to bring is yourself and eagerness to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the waves.


Hire a kayak for the incredibly low price of £10 per person, per kayak, and explore the seaside for endless fun. Get a different perspective of Brighton Beach and absorb the sun, while comfortably sailing on your own or with a partner. Of course, trained instructors are always a shout away.

Wakeboarding & Waterskiing

For the amazing price of £20, 6 people can rent a boat and ride a wakeboard on the water. Half day package deals are available for even larger groups so that everyone can get involved. Alternatively, there is training available for individuals who want to become a pro wake boarder.

These are just some examples of water sports in Brighton, but there are dozens waiting to be tried. Visit Brighton now and relish in the activity that suits you.

Become a Sailing Expert in hours

What if you were told that you could confidently sail on your own after a mere few days of lessons? Ridiculous, right? Ridiculously true. Sailing is simple, it is liberating, and most importantly – it’s for everyone.

Sailing isn’t as hard as it sounds. It can seem like an incredibly daunting sport; many see it as a niche activity only designed for people who have years of experience on the sea – but this is absolutely not the case. Anyone can learn how to sail regardless of background in the sport – or lack thereof. A good instructor can teach even a novice who has never stepped into a sailboat, the ultimate basics in one day alone.

The 3 skills needed to be a good sailor:

  • Ability to tell the direction of the wind – This may sound difficult or even impossible, but will become second nature to you once you learn how.
  • Ability to steer accurately – This takes most people no more than 5 minutes to master.
  • Recognising when a sail is properly trimmed – Easing the “sheet” until the edge of the sail starts to flutter in and out, pulling the sheet in until the fluttering stops and the sail is trimmed.

Now you know the fundamentals of sailing. What are you waiting for? Go to your local sailing class and quit stalling. There is so much sea waiting for you to explore!